This section is my online fishing log. I intend on keeping a consistent log of my fishing trips over time. I will try to keep a common format but depending on the situation then I may or may not have all of the information available as I fish a variety of different places both from the bank, wading and in boats.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Claytor Lake, VA

Lake:  Claytor Lake, VA
Date: 6/29/2012
Weather:  HOT.  90+ Degrees hot 
Water Conditions:  Stained
Water Temp:  84.8
Time:  1pm t o 3pm

We were fishing the main lake up from DeHaven fishing mostly offshore structure for bass and tighter to shore in pockets of shade / docs.

We didn't get to fish for long but did pick up two gills off a chartreuse 2" grub and then Cody missed a good bite on a 6" black and purple worm and I lost a tripple hitter on a 3" swimbait.  Just couldn't drive the hook in, he hit HARD!

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