This section is my online fishing log. I intend on keeping a consistent log of my fishing trips over time. I will try to keep a common format but depending on the situation then I may or may not have all of the information available as I fish a variety of different places both from the bank, wading and in boats.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Moncove Lake

Lake:  Moncove Lake, WV
Date: 6/10/2012
Weather:  Clear skies, high about 85.
Water Conditions:  Bank Fishing - We were in very shallow water, but there was still a definite stain to the water.  Clarity was more than a few feet it seemed, and the water temp an estimated 80 degrees in the shallows.

Overall we had limited success.  The time of day, location, and weather all played against us; however, we were still able to catch a variety of fish.  Most came off live worms fished on the bottom, and a few came off a beetle spin, pulling a 2" black grub.  Bass were reacting and there were a few still on spawn.  Very small bass.  A passing cloud would spark the fish to feed more aggressively for a short moment then return to their protection under the lily pads or tight against other cover.  Most hits occurred within a few feet of some sort of cover.

Most common fish:  Bluegill
Largest fish: 13" Bass
Species Caught:  Bass, Bluegill, Yellow Perch

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